Dr. Roberts

Dr. Roberts was raised in Lockhart, Texas, just over an hour from Victoria.   After graduating in the top 5% of her Lockhart High School class she attended college at Texas A&M-Corpus Christi, where she graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s of Science in Biomedical Sciences/Pre-Med.


Dr. Roberts excelled in most areas of medicine, however, she was most attracted to Psychiatry because of the impossibility of separating the patient from their illness.  In most cases objective evidence such as labs, imaging, or a physical exam cannot reveal the correct mental health diagnosis and treatment.  This can only be established with a trained eye and talking to the patient about their subjective experience within their own life.  Psychiatry necessitates looking at the patient as a whole, which is how she wanted to practice medicine.  


Dr. Roberts graduated with a Doctorate in Medicine from the University of Texas Medical Branch, with the highest honors of Summa Cum Laude (top 2% of graduating class), Alpha Omega Alpha, and Gold Humanism Honor Society.  She was then accepted into the University of Texas Medical Branch Psychiatry General Residency Training Program and completed an additional 4 years of training.


When Dr. Roberts was deciding where to start her life after completing training, she was recruited to the area by another psychiatrist.  He communicated that Victoria was in need.   And because Dr. Roberts grew up in a small Texas town nearby, she knew that this was the perfect place for her.


Dr. Robert's mother, Laurie Murphy, worked in a psychiatric office for 13 years prior to the opening of Crossroads Psychiatry, making her the perfect helper for this endeavor. Although she was born in Massachusetts, she lived in Lockhart for 35 years and relocated to Victoria to work at Crossroads Psychiatry.

Dr. Kourtne Robets, Crossroads Psychiatry